The Official Electric Shopping Website of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Your Rights as a Customer and a Shopper

As a residential utility customer and a shopper, you have important rights and responsibilities. These rights ensure fair dealings between you and your utility company.

Fair Credit and Deposit PoliciesYou have the right to question or disagree with the utility company.
Clear and Concise BillYou should know how your utility bill is calculated and check your utility bill for accuracy.
Safe and Reliable Utility ServiceYou should receive continuous utility service if you meet your responsibilities.
Accessible InformationYou have the right to unbiased, accurate and easy-to-understand information to help you shop for power and save money.
Price ComparisonAs a shopper, you have the right to compare prices from both the utility and competitive suppliers.

Your Responsibility as a Customer

As a utility customer, you have the responsibility to:

  • Pay your bill on time.
  • Follow through on payment arrangements.
  • Pay a deposit when required.
  • Allow the electric utility to access its equipment.

Failure to do so may result in the electric utility shutting off your service.

Electricity Shutoff

Before your service is shut off, your electric utility will take the following steps:

  • Send you a 10-day notice. Once you get the notice, the utility company has up to 60 days to shut off your service.
  • Attempt to contact you, either once in-person or on two different days by phone, three days before your shutoff date.
  • From December 1 through March 31, if your electric utility cannot reach you at the time of termination, it will leave a 48-hour notice at your property.

Your utility service can be shut off any weekday, except Friday. If your service is shut off, the utility company will leave a notice telling you what you need to do to get your service restored.