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Standard Offer Program

Through this program, EDCs make available a standard offer to all residential and small business customers who have not shopped their electric generation with a competitive supplier, as well as customers who have already shopped yet inquire about the program.

Please note: Standard Offer may not always be available in certain areas. Only EDCs that have competitive suppliers actively participating in Standard Offer at a given time can refer customers to the program.

Benefits of Standard Offer Program

Fixed Rate Price

Fixed Rate Price

Provides stability, especially when you’re budgeting your electricity costs.

Low Rate Gradient

Lower Rate

Offers 7% below the EDC’s price to compare at the time of enrollment.

Cancel Fee

No Cancellation Fee

Standard Offer customers can cancel anytime - even before their one year term ends.

Enroll for the Standard Offer Program

Enrolling in a Standard Offer Program may be easier than you think. Follow these simple steps to sign up:

  1. Contact Your Electric Distribution Company (EDC)

    A customer can enroll in the Standard Offer Program by contacting their utility and requesting enrollment or visiting the EDC site. Additionally, the PUC requires electric utilities to make the Standard Offer Program available to certain customers calling the utility (such as customers with a high bill complaints)

  2. Get Assigned to a Supplier

    If the customer is interested, the utility will assign a randomly selected electric generation supplier to serve the customer.

  3. Receive Written Terms and Conditions

    Your new supplier will send you a written disclosure statement explaining your terms and conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All existing customer notification requirements apply, including notices relating to any proposed changes in the contract between the supplier and customer. Customers will receive contract renewal notices prior to the end of the standard offer period. At that time, they may have three options:

  1. Remain with their current supplier, most likely at a different rate.
  2. Switch to a competitive supplier.
  3. Return to the default service offered by their EDC.

If a customer fails to respond to the notices regarding their one year contract, they will automatically remain with the current supplier on a month-to-month basis without any early termination fees, but most likely at a different rate.

Customers who enroll with a participating supplier are free to leave the Standard Offer Program at any time during the 12 months with no termination/cancellation fee imposed.

Understanding Contracts (1)

Understanding Contracts

Know the lingo when it comes to kilowatt-per-hour rates and minimum contract term lengths.

Understanding Bill (1)

Understanding Your Bill

Choose your current electric company to see a sample bill with the charges explained.