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Fixed, Variable & Unlimited

Fixed Rate Price

Fixed Rate

Predictable per kWh rate - stays the same for at least 3 billing cycles

Variable Rate

Variable Rate

Rates that can change by the hour, day or month - depending on market fluctuations

Unlimited Rate (1)

Unlimited Rate

Subscription based - based on one monthly price for electric generation

Time of Use

You can save money for using power during off-peak hours such as early morning or late night. Time of use programs from electricity suppliers allow you to pay a lower rate when using power during off-peak hours and a higher rate during on-peak hours. Check if your electric supplier offers a time of use program in your area.

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Standard Offer Program

Looking to get a referral from the EDC? Through this program, EDCs make available a standard offer to all residential and small business customers who have not shopped their electric generation with a competitive supplier, as well as customers who have already shopped yet inquire about the program.

Learn About Standard Offer Program
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Understanding Contracts (1)

Understanding Contracts

Know the lingo when it comes to kilowatt-per-hour rates and minimum contract term lengths.

Understanding Bill (1)

Understanding Your Bill

Choose your current electric company to see a sample bill with the charges explained.