Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Frequently Asked Questions When Shopping for Electricity fact sheet.

Fundamentals of Switching Suppliers

What is an electric supplier? +
Why should I shop for electricity? +
Can I save money by choosing a competitive electric supplier? +
Where can I find information on current supplier prices? +
If I choose a new electric supplier, what part of my service will change? +
Can everyone shop for a supplier? +
My electric utility has always been a good company. Why should I switch now? +


Who should I call about outages and repairs? +

Considerations for Switching Suppliers

As I shop for an electric supplier, what questions should I ask? +
How do I know that a different supplier will provide reliable service? +
What should I do if a person tries to sell me energy service by soliciting my house? +
How long will it take to switch to a new supplier? +
If I have an unpaid balance on my electric account, can I still switch? +
While shopping for a new supplier, are there changes in the rules for electricity shut-offs? +
Are there any penalties for switching suppliers? +
Will I need a new electric meter if I choose a new supplier? +
How do I learn if an electric generation supplier provides renewable energy? +


What is a fixed price? +
What is a variable price? +
If I choose a variable rate, can the rate on my bill increase month to month? +
Am I at risk for increases in my bill if the energy market fluctuates? +
What is the "price to compare"? +
If a monthly fee is NOT included in a supplier's price per kWh, where can information on monthly fees be found? +
If a supplier charges a monthly fee, is it included in the estimated price per month on PAPowerSwitch (the price in orange in the last column on the right)? +


Will I receive two electric bills if I choose a new supplier? +
Who do I contact if I have billing questions? +
If my bill seems incorrect or my rate is inaccurate, what should I do? +
If I still have a discrepancy with my bill after contacting my supplier, what can I do? +

Special Programs

I participated in a pre-pay program with my utility but would like to choose another supplier. What happens to my money? +
Will I still be able to take advantage of "budget billing"? +
If I choose a new supplier, can I still receive help in paying my electric bill? +
If I choose a new supplier, can I still use LIHEAP? +
If I am a customer generator who has signed up for net metering with my utility, can I still receive credits from the EDC if I enroll with an EGS? +


What is gross receipts tax (GRT) on sales of electric energy? +