How Switching Electricity Can Help

The power to switch electric suppliers gives you greater control over your electric bill. For example, if you can get a lower rate from a competing supplier, you can switch suppliers. You can also customize your energy use with green options and other services that might be beneficial for your home or business. Competitive offers may not be available in all areas.

When you choose a new electric supplier, you are choosing the company that generates your electricity. Generation supply costs make up the majority of the average electric bill, so you may be able to find significant savings. Learn more about what you are choosing.

Since rate caps have expired, the number of competitive electric suppliers offering services to residential and small business customers has increased in most service territories. In some areas, the electric supplier's rate is cheaper than the default service price offered by the utility.

Remember, regardless of who generates your electricity, you will continue to call your electric utility for outages, emergency services and questions about your residential service. The quality, reliability, and maintenance of your electric service should not change as it is still monitored by the PA PUC.

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