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Ways To Save Energy

Save money by conserving energy. The following are energy-saving tips for your home and office:

Sealing Your Home

Heating and Cooling

Appliances and Water Usage

Smart Meters

What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is an advanced electric meter that measures electric usage more often than conventional meters and sends that information more quickly to the customer and the EDC. Through two-way communication, smart meters also can monitor the electric distribution system to ensure it is functioning properly. Smart meters have the following basic functions: measure the electricity used; with customer consent, remotely coordinate electricity consumption; and interface with EDCs to identify outages and provide real-time visibility into the operational status of an electrical distribution system.

How will I benefit from the use of a Smart Meter?

When will I have my smart meter?

Smart meters must be installed no later than 2023 for customers of the seven EDCs covered under the law. Customers who want the technology sooner may ask the EDC to install it. The customer must pay a fee for the early installation. That fee may be as little at $17. Contact your electcric utility for more information.

Smart Meter Q&A

What is Act 129?

The General Assembly assigned the PUC to implement Act 129 and to thereby guide consumers and electric utilities toward achieving reduced energy consumption and peak electric demand. The PUC is implementing the act in phases in order to ensure that the utilities provide energy efficiency and conservation programs to customers in the most cost-effective manner possible. Act 129 also directs the electric utilities to provide smart meters by 2023 to help all customers reduce their energy consumption.

Smart meters also play a critical role in energy conservation, and can help consumers use more renewable energy sources. Find out more information on the renewable energy page.

What is the charge on my bill for SMT-C Rider?

This charge will cover the costs of assessing and deploying smart meter technology (SMT) in accordance with Act 129.

Can I opt out of the charge because I don't want a Smart Meter?

No. Under Act 129 and the PA PUC’s order approving utility smart meter deployment plans, the SMT-C Rider is applicable to all customers.

Energy Efficiency Programs and Rebates

Call your electric utility to find out how they can help you lower your energy bill and put MONEY back in your pocket by participating in energy efficiency programs and rebates. Programs offered by your electric distribution company (EDC) include:

EDCs’ Energy Efficiency Programs

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