Consumer Alert: As of June 1, 2016, customers of PPL, PECO, Met-Ed, Duquesne Light, UGI, West Penn Power, Penelec, Penn Power and Pike County Light & Power will see the price to compare change. As you shop, consider the differences between fixed and variable rates. »
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Your Rights And Protections

Shopper Rights

As a shopper in the competitive energy marketplace, how can I protect myself, and what rights do I have?

Customer Rights

As a customer, how can I protect myself, and what rights do I have?

Contract Ends

My electric supplier contract is expiring. What are the expiration notice requirements?


What would cause my power service to get shut off? Will I receive a warning?

Your electric utility can shut your service off if you fail to:

Before your service is shut off, your electric utility will take the following steps:


Find more information

You are encouraged to contact electric suppliers for your area to compare pricing and service information. Competitive offers may not be available in all areas.

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